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eDeltaPro is a one-stop platform entirely focused on trading options and the Options Trader's needs. Whether an individual self-directed investor or a seasoned trader, you will find all the tools you need in one single platform to take total control of your trading.

Best in Class Backtesting for Options

1. Find, Build & Backtest

eDeltaPro industry-leading back tester will help you find, validate and optimize strategies. Combine the backtester with the probability analysis toolbox and get a complete understanding of the context of your trade.

Best in Class Backtesting for Options

2. Trade commission-free

We built a dedicated commission-free trading platform for the Options trader. The most powerful and easy to use technology at the best price. Includes a free paper account.

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Best in Class Backtesting for Options

3. Monitor, adjust, see results..

eDeltaPro will monitor your positions and send SMS alerts when targets are reached; adjust, roll, defend, or close your trades directly from our action menu. Then, look at the Journal to see precisely how much each position is netting and learn from your trades.

BACKTESTING: Best in class yet easy to use

Backtesting Platform for Options Traders.

Want to see what backtest results look like? And yes, you can share and post the tests any way you want.

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“I've been using eDeltaPro for my day trading and it has completely changed trading for me. The real-time data and analysis tools have helped me make more informed decisions and I've seen a significant increase in my profits since starting to use the app.” 

Jake G.
Charlotte, US

“As a beginner trader, I was intimidated by the complexity of the stock market. But eDeltaPro has made it easy for me to understand and navigate, thanks to its user-friendly interface. I've even started to trade with confidence and have seen some great returns. Highly recommend it!."

Timothy C Weis
Phoenix, AZ

“I've been using eDeltaPro for my swing trading and it has exceeded my expectations. The backtesting has helped me stay on top of market movements and I've been able to take advantage of opportunities that I might have missed before. This app has definitely helped me improve my trading skills.”

David P.
California, US

“eDeltaPro has been a game changer for me in terms of analyzing the market and making informed trades. The tools and features available on the app have helped me increase my profits and become a more successful trader. Highly recommend it!” 

New York, US

“Really like it , very intuitive and very
short learning curve - great UX!"

Debashish Ghosh
Austin Texas, US

“Thank you Leo! Is this a new startup?
Just clicked through on an e-mail
and I'm blown away by how powerful this backtesting tool is."

Jason Wehner
Aliso Viejo, US

Testing and optimizing your options strategies will help you make smarter decisions.

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