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Test your Trade Before Committing

Imagine you read about an Options Trading Strategy that looks promising. The author believes the approach is a winner.
But, before you jump and commit to the trade, wouldn't it be nice if you could test for yourself and confirm the author's claim?.
After all, it's your money that is going to be on the line, not his.
Now it's possible.
With the "eDeltaPro" complete back-testing engine, you can. Test thousands of stocks, indexes or ETFs. Whether a common option strategy or a custom multi-leg complex one.


Everything You Need to Maximize Your Trades

Make Testing Really Easy

iMac eDelta Options Backtest Configurator

Model Complex Strategies with a few clicks (no coding required)

It is easy to set up a strategy: just a few clicks and you're done. So before you place a trade, test it!.

Roll Out, Roll up, Roll in.. your choice

Roll Out, Roll up, Roll in.. your choice

The most common traders' tools are all built in eDeltaPro engine. Rolls, stop losses, exit at % of max profits. Testing and optimizing your Options Trading Strategies will help you make smarter decisions.

Test in seconds

Then Test in Seconds

We designed eDelta algorithm for speed. So before you place a trade, test it. It will only take a few seconds.

Keep & Organize your results

Keep & Organize your results

Don't discard your strategies after testing. Filter, sort, tag and organize Them. Create a repository - your personal Backtest library - for easy trading reference and share it with others.

Options Historical Data Prices
Tastytrade Option Market measure study

Are you a Tastytrader?

We love Tastytrade(*) as much as you do. Want to see how a trade you saw has performed recently?. Or independently confirm the results of a particular study. Test any of the strategies you see on the show. It's fast. It's easy.

Edelta intuitions versus evidence

You have a Trade Idea. Trust your Intuition, or not.

Traders need intuition. But help your intuition with empirical evidence. Validating your idea and enhancing your plan, will give you the confidence to trade consistently and stay mechanical.

Make Profitable trades

Stop Losing Money. Make more profitable trades.

Some people learn by reading, some people learn by doing. But with trading that can be expensive unless you have eDeltaPro. Test as many times as you want. Before trading.

Control your investments

You want control; you want an edge, you want empowerment.

No one is more motivated about your capital than yourself. With the right tools, you can take control of your investments to achieve your financial goals.

Start Getting Results Now

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Testing and optimizing your options strategies will help you make smarter decisions.

Level the playing field with large institutional investors
Option Backtest Results
Keep your strategies organized.
See how your changes - even small ones - can result in a significant performance increase.

A Powerful Platform That Will Improve Your Options Trading

Only From eDeltaPro

Custom or Pre Build

Custom or Pre Build

Full adjustment capabilities. Test basic, naked option or your custom favorite complex spreads. We got you covered.

Fast Algorithms

Fast Algorithms

Both the algorithm and our infrastructure is built for speed. We'll even post how many milliseconds it takes to run.

ETF, Stocks & Indexes

ETF, Stocks & Indexes

Backtest on Options Trading Strategy for thousands of stocks, ETF & Indexes. Over ten years of data.

Built in Rolls

Built-in Rolls

We included all the common defense tactics. Configure each one individually or have them act simultaneously.

Build Your Library

Build Your Library

Don't discard your strategies. Whether winners or losers keep them for easy trading reference.

Filter, Sort, Tag - Compare & Enhance

Filter, Sort, Tag - Compare & Enhance

Tools to compare, organize & optimize. Even small changes in a strategy can result in significant performance enhancements.

Share With Other Traders

Share With Other Traders

Get feedback and comments. Build your skills by using the expertise of other traders.

KPI Galore

KPI Galore

Get the Average profit per trade, statistical ratios, win rate, and many other detailed financial indicators.

Detailed Trade Log

Detailed Trade Log

Get a detailed trade by trade report. Examine each trade entry & exit — no black box.

What do you mean “no one has fun backtesting”? The part of trading that keeps me most excited is trying to think of new ideas and then backtesting them to check their robustness. In fact, I would think a trader would be more likely to follow a system they thought was profitable, if they could code it up and the backrest proves them correct. I didn’t know how to code, don’t like to, and still consider myself an amateur at it. However when you see that 20 year equity curve shows you’re probably on to something, it’s a really good feeling. –
-- Mike Gavone - desiretotrade.com

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