Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Your Options BackTesting Software Account & Usage

Your Account

Get to know the basics inside and out.

Is the free trial really free?

Yes. It’s completely free; no credit card required.

What is included in the free trial?

The 7-day free trial offers you access to all the features in eDeltaPro Option Strategy Backtesting but is limited to 30 days and 3 symbols: XLB, MSFT $ TLT.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, You can cancel at any time, but changes will not take effect until the end of your billing cycle. Please see our Term & Conditions for details.

There are no reimbursements. The software will be available for 12 months if you pay annually. If you are currently on a Premium plan you may cancel by visiting the Profile Page and click the "Cancel Plan" link. Here is a detailed description of the process.

What happens when the 30-day free trial ends?

If you haven’t signed up for a paid plan before your free trial ends, your backtest will be non editable. You can still login to your account and view your previously run tests but you can't run new ones. You’ll have 60 days to reactivate your account with all your data intact.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal. And Visa, MasterCard directly or via PayPal. For more details, please contact

How long are your contracts?

You are not bound by any contracts or commitments. eDeltaPro Backtesting is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

Is it possible to pay per year?

Yes. You can pay for a whole year and obtain a substantial discount. See our pricing plans for details.

How do I cancel my current plan?

If you are currently on a Premium plan you may cancel by visiting the Profile Page and click the "Cancel Plan" link. Here is a detailed description of the process.

Your Back-Testing

Backtesting Your Options Trading Strategies

What if I don't see my strategy

You can build a custom option strategy by adding individual Puts and Call directly into the strategy builder. You can add one short and one long position for each type. By default, all legs have the same expiration. If you want custom expiration and ratios double-click the leg to edit individually.

Contact us if you have a strategy you want to set up. We will be happy to help. You can always use the chat included in the web app.‍

What are the types of options I can choose?

You can backtest using Puts , Call or Stocks. The stocks are added in 100 units lot.

How many Years Can I Test?

You can backtest Options from 2005 onwards. All data is End Of Day (EOD) Data.

Does your data for backtests include weekly options on indexes?

Yes. Data does include weekly Options on indexes. You can trade monthly only or include weeklys. You can select the weekdays you want to trade as well as the exact days to expiration.

Do I have to use Delta to Define the trade strategy?

Yes, We use Delta to define the strategies to backtest. The reason for that is that it allows for more consistent comparisons. Both over time and between different symbols. If you run a 12 years test, a $5 dollar width between strikes is a 2.5% when the stock is at $200, but is significantly higher percentage when the stock was trading at $80 12 years ago. Add to that any splits and it can get very messy very quickly. Deltas avoid any of these issues.

Delta also works across symbols. If your strategy is to buy a straddle at 16 deltas in Apple, that same strategy can be tested on any other symbol, even if the prices of the other underlying is half the price of Apple, or if it is ten times higher.

You can also define your strategy is dollars of in percentage from the underlying.

Can specify the backtest using fixed dollar amounts, ex test a $5 spread?

Yes. You can specify your strategies using Deltas, Dollar amounts, or Percentages prices of the underlying.

The default way to specify a backtesting strategy is to use Deltas.

Advantages of using delta:
- Allows you to run tests over extended periods
- Allows you to run the test on different symbols with the same definition
- Permits to replicate the backtest on your real-world trading.

You can also set up one leg in Deltas. Then use that first leg as a reference to place a second one at a fixed dollar difference. See the Guide on how to set up fixed width strategies

Can I get advice on investing?

No. We do not provide investing advise of any kind. We are not a registered investment advisor. eDelta content is provided solely by eDeltapro Corp. ("eDelta") and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, trading or investment advice or a recommendation that any security, options contract, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any person.

Do Option trading involve risks?

Yes. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before deciding to invest in options.

Does it work in the binary options trade?

No. Please note that eDeltaPro DOES NOT perform backtest on Binary Options.
Our data relates to Options trading on US stock markets only

Binary options are an exotic instrument traded outside the U.S.
They are not regulated

Sharing your Results

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Can I invite other users to the system on a Free Plan?

Yes. Share this link and let your friend know about eDeltaPro Option Backtesting.

Can I share my options trading backtest with other traders?

Yes, you can share your backtest results with other traders or send them to us for comments or support. Just click the share icon and get the share link.


Get to know the basics inside and out.

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