Wishlist - Feature Request

Wishlist - Feature Request

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Coming Up

  • Max Drawdown: Backtest results: Max Drawdown: Done
  • Glossary: eDeltaPro Options trading and App  terms: Done
  • Wish List - Feature Requests : Done

Coming Later

  • Ratios: Different contract Qty for each legs : DONE
  • Multiple Legs: More than One leg of each type: Example 2 diferente delta short Calls: DONE
  • Volatility Entry Conditions: Volatility Rank/Percentile as an entry criteria. (buy vol when it's historically in the bottom third historically, for example).

Other Requests

  • Calendars: Different expirations for each leg ( Front month, back month). Allows Calendars.: DONE
  • Earnings: Earnings as entry and exit conditions (backtests run pre and post announcements, for example), and
  • User Entry Signals: User defined entry signals allows the user to input a list of dates for opening positions. Then, you would chose eDelta parameters to specify the exit and early exit conditions and triggers.

Please leave your comments and suggestions for improvements and features requests.

Thank you