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eDeltaPro Options Trading All in one ticket order

The all-in-one trade ticket completely reimagined...

The all-in-one trade ticket has been completely reimagined. From strike selection to strategy building, our product is designed for an uncompromising speed that creates an optimal experience for many different trader's styles — fully immersing you in every trade.

  • Quickly place single leg or complex multi-legs options positions with our intuitive visual order placement
  • Adjust & fine tune, with real time market data.
  • Use the pay-off and probability charts to build your Option strategy

Probability Calculator - Trade Analysis

— a perfect balance of powerful analytical features, speed, and the effortless magic of the eDeltaPro visual interface. The ultimate Options Trading experience is here.

For each trade, before sending your order:

  • Determine the probability of profits
  • See the Payoff Density curve
  • Simulate the P&L at expiration, or at any DTE
Options Delta probability calculator
eDeltaPro Options roll feature

Easy Rolls - Easy Adjustments

eDeltaPro will automatically prepare your rolls on the fly so you can build and trade them with just one click.

eDeltaPro will look for and select the correct strikes from all the available expirations.

You can execute rolls - even complex ones - in seconds.

Fast Complex Orders:
Profit Takers + Stop Loss

Powerfull Order Management:
Enter profit maker AND stop loss orders right from the start.
Our Interface makes it intuitive and easy to place and edit orders.

eDeltaPro Complex order management
eDeltaPro save and share orders

Save or Share Orders

Save any order for future submission. Prepare your trading day in advance, or set things for when conditions become adequate.

Share the order for any trade with other traders. One click and they will be able to build exactly the same order you are trading.

Trade Grouped By Strategy

- No endless list of options contracts. All your positions automatically presented and followed in an orderly groups.

- Edit the description to suit your needs.

- Keep them as your trading requirements intended.

- Add, roll modify positions within the trade group.

eDeltaPro group options trades by strategies

Fast Set / Modify Order Limit Prices

Get all the market pricing information directly in one visual component when entering your limit (or stop limit) prices.

Use the same component to quickly modify the limit prices on your existing orders.

eDeltaPro Modify Order Limit Prices component
Tastytrade or tastyworks Option Strategies Study

Introducing "Trade This" The link between Trade & Backtest

If you are already backtesting your trades before putting real money into them, you will love the "Trade This" feature. eDeltaPro integration with its backtesting side is as simple as it can get.

Say you have a backtested strategy that you want to trade. Just locate the strategy card, click the "Trade This" button, and eDeltaPro will build the all-in-one trade ticket using the backtested card automatically.

"Trade This," the complete integration between the backtesting software and our new trading platform.

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