Leo Bracho


Leo is the CEO and one of the founders of eDeltaPro.

eDeltaPro is a Fintech company specialized in developing computer simulation, backtesting software and trading automation tools for Options Traders. eDeltaPro Options Backtesting Software, our first commercially available product, is an affordable, flexible yet easy to use solution for modeling simple or very complex Options trading strategies. It strikes a balance between easy to use interface and the ability to model complex strategies.

Options trading is all about strategy less about speculation. But testing Options strategies with empirical data is a challenge. (For example, Data is huge, we currently manage over 2 billion points). Sophisticated tools are required. Retail investors typically do not have access to sophisticated modeling tools. eDelta vision is to provide these sophisticated tools at an affordable price to the individual self-directed investor. We level the field with large institutional investors.

Prior to eDelta Pro Leo was President of Hyundai Colombia; General Manager of Ford Motor Colombia. After a corporate career in the auto industry, he became an entrepreneur of technology-based businesses such as 5iMedia, TuChofer, Intelipark. For over 20 years, Leo has been an active trader focusing on Options. After the sale of his last business venture, he starts up the eDeltaPro. He is a Mechanical Engineer from the Simón Bolívar University, with an MBA from ESCP Europe.