Slide Roll

Slide Roll

Slide Roll is an Option defense strategy for two legged positions.

The “Slide Roll” is available for two legs strategies, typically a Strangle. The roll triggers when one of the two sides gets tested. 

"Getting Tested" is a common term in options trading, it refers to a situation where the price of the underlying stock moves close to the strike price of an option, For example, if you are short a call option with a strike price of $50 and the stock price rises to $49.90, you are getting tested. Similarly, if you own a put option with a strike price of $50 and the stock price drops to $50.10, you are getting tested. One defensive strategy when "getting Tested" is the slide roll. Let’s see an example of this type of roll.

Example: Initial Position Roll Outs

Our initial position is a Strangle, 1 Standard Deviation / 16 Delta, short Put+ Call. The position is established at 30 DTE. Our fictional stock,” XYZ” is very volatile so that the strikes are $180 for the PUT and $212 for the CALL.

The Position Gets Tested

At 12 Days into the the trade, the price of the underlying drops from $200 to $180. Now our PUT gets tested.  

Slide Roll

Roll down the untested side to 30 delta. In this case we close the Call @ $212 and open @ $201. No duration is added. The position has the same expiration. This roll is performed for credit. 

If The CALL Side is Tested

If the leg tested was the CALL, then we would have Rolled Up the PUT side, closing the existing PUT and re-establishing it at 30 Delta.

eDelta backtest algorithm will perform this roll automatically each time any leg of the position is tested.