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Can I backtest futures

No. eDeltaPro backtest software, can only backtest options on US-Based stocks, ETF and Indexes. Futures are not supported.

Are trading and backtesting different subscriptions

No. We just have one subscription for everything. With this single subscription you get access to our renowned options backtesting software, commission-free options trading, Probability analysis module, Alerts module, and all the other feature of the platform.

Do I need a brokerage account to backtest

No, neither the paid subscriptions nor the free trial requires a brokerage account to use the options backtesting software.
With the paid version, you can backtest any 4000 symbols (including ETF, stock & indexes) without a brokerage account.

You can also use and test the backtesting software with the free trial, but you will be restricted to 3 specific symbols.

You need a funded brokerage account with Tradier to conduct commission-free trading. You will also need a live brokerage account to use the alerts module, as setting trading alerts requires real-time pricing.

Can I backtest zero DTE Options strategies?

Unfortunately, you can not test 0DTE strategies. We use End Of Day pricing. That is the price at 3:45 pm, just before the close. A 0 DTE strategy would require more granular data, affecting the whole solution's pricing.

eDeltaPro is currently working on a backtesting module that will include 0 DTE on SPX and will be available in the near future.

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