Your Custom Dates Ranges

Your Custom Dates Ranges

By default, eDelta allows you to run the backtest in fixed periods. You can choose 1,2,3,4, or 5 years. All these ranges are calculated by running backwards from the last trading day data is available. But some times you may want to run a backtest of a specific time period. For example the last Oil crisis. Or you may want to test a specific year, for example 2014. In both cases you nay enter the "From" and "To" dates that define the period. 

Now, what if you wanted to test several strategies during any of these custom periods? You need to configure and save a custom time period.

Adding a New Custom Date Range

eDelta Pro allows you to configure and save custom time periods. This is particularly useful if you want to test several strategies over the same time range.

Custom Date Range Selector

Select the “Custom” date range and enter the “From” & “To” dates. You can specify a name so it is easy to remember once you want to re-use them. You can also use the custom date range just once.

Deleting an Existing Range

If you want to deleted a previously created custom rang all you need to do is click on the X beside the name of the stored custom range.