Custom Strategies - Calendars & Ratios

Custom Strategies - Calendars & Ratios

eDeltaPro allows you to build custom strategies by setting a different parameter for each individual leg. To change the setting on a specific leg just DOUBLE-CLICK it.

Here is an example for creating a Calendar Set Up:
- Buy an OTM 40 Delta Put with 60 DTE
- Sell a front-month 30 DTE at the same 40 delta

Note that the front-month selection will close all legs at the front-month expiration.

If not selected, the position will be closed at the back-month expiration.

Setup a Custom Ratio Spread
To set up a Front Ratio Call Spread, you would
- Buy an ATM 50 Delta call option
- Sell two further OTM - for example, 40 Delta - call options