Tag & Filter your Options Backtests (Video)

Tag & Filter your Options Backtests (Video)

You can Organize your Backtested Options Strategies by filtering, taging or selecting them directly on the dashboard.

Tag your backtest

The features available are:


Add a tag to any number of cards and then apply filter. Here is how to add and use a tag:

Add tag to your backtest

Strategy Filter

The pre configured strategies are automatically added as an available filter criteria.

Open Search Filter

You can just write any text on the search/filter field. eDelta will attempt to mach your input with any text in the cards.

Quick Collection

Click the Quick Collection Icon icon to add tha card to the QC collection. You can also click to select the card. You need at least two card selected in order to compare them.

Quick Collection


Click the favorite icon to add tha card to the favorite collection.

Favorites Collection

Card & Table view

You can toggle the card and table view to better see side by side the results of the backtest. Please note the table view is only available is you have 10 or less cards selected.

Backtest Table View