Modify or Cancel an Open Order

Modify or Cancel an Open Order

Are you looking to modify an existing open order?

You can view all your working or open orders in the ORDERS tab. Go to the tab and locate the open order you want to modify. For a limit order, click on the price field. A price component will pop up. This price component will give you the current quote for the order. Select a new price from the price component or type in your new desired value for the limit price.
After changing the price, the whole line will change color to indicate the change in status. At this point, you can click on the "Update" button to send the order with the new price. Alternatively, you can also click the red X button to reverse the change and return to the initial price.

Click the "Update" button and send the order for execution with the new price. The order will appear now as an open order with the modified price.

Note that you can check the order's status by clicking the status link and displaying more details about the order. You can see other details of the order like the complete order id, average fill prices, executed quantity, and other data.

If you change your mind and do not want to place an order, you can cancel it at any time. To cancel an open order, locate the order on the order tab and simply click the "Cancel" button. The order will disappear from the "open order" list.
If you want to verify that the order was really canceled, navigate using the order filter to show all orders in the system. There the recently canceled order will appear with the status "cancel'

For any existing position in your portfolio, you may have already established an exit limit order. Those exit orders are visible in two different tabs. You can see them in the Orders tab, but you can also see them directly in the Account Position's tab.
So let us visit the position tab. Here you can see this order for Netflix that already has an exit order. You can cancel this Netflix exit order directly from the account position list. To cancel, just click the cancel link.

For existing orders on an existing position, you can also cancel orders directly from the Account Positions tab. Look for the trade with the exit order and click the "Cancel" link to cancel the order.

We are going to verify that this order for Netflix was canceled. For this, we will go back to the Orders Tab. Then apply the filter to display all orders. And there it is, you can see the Netflix order listed as canceled. Your order is now canceled.

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