Placing an Equity Trade

Placing an Equity Trade

To Place an Equity trade and open a new position

  1. Select the account
  2. Click the new Trade button
  3. Look up quote/symbol:
  4. Select the STOCK tab
  5. Set the price
  6. Set the quantity
  7. Select the order type
  8. Select the Time in force
  9. Preview the order

Note that the multiplier for orders that contain Option is 100 Stocks, but you can set any quantity if only stock are present in the order.

Click PREVIEW to preview the order in the Order Confirmation pop up,

Preview the order and check that everything is ok

Click SUBMIT button to Submit the order for ejecution.

How to Place a Stock Order [Video Tutorial]

Are you looking to buy or short a stock? This tutorial will show you how to open a long or short position on a particular stock using the eDeltaPro integrated trading platform.

Start by selecting the account. Directly choose a paper account or a real trading account from the select control on the main trading screen's top right.

Then, click the NEW ORDER button to access the eDeltaPro all-in-one trade ticket.

Once in the all-in-one trade ticket, select the symbol for the stock you want to trade. Lets' say, for example, that you want to open a position on  Microsoft stock. We want to buy 85 shares of Microsoft.

When the symbol quote loads, you can create your Order by clicking the stock button on the all-in-one ticket's left side panel. Click the top button to set up long Order to buy a stock.
Click the lower button to set up an order to short a stock. Remember, any tab that appears on the top panel is a long order; that is, an order to buy a stock.

Similarly,  any tab that appears on the lower panel represents an order to sell a stock, which is a short order.

Then select the order type. In this example, we will be buying 80 shares of Microsoft stock. And we will place a LIMIT order.

Once you click the price field, a price component will appear. This component allows you to see the natural and optimal prices. It also shows the mid-price of the trade.

Natural Price

Remember that the natural price is the price the Order should automatically get filled at in the market, given a reasonable amount of liquidity. For trades we are selling, the natural price is the bid price, and for trades we are buying, the natural price is the asking price.
We will choose the mid-price for this Microsoft stock.

Since we wanted to buy 85 shares of Microsoft stock, we should put 85 in the quantity field.

Finally, we will leave "DAY" for the duration of the Order.

The Order is now complete. We are ready to preview it.

You can clear the whole Order entirely and start again by clicking the "Clear" button on the left panel. Or, if you are satisfied, click the "preview" button to preview and submit the Order.

Note that the preview button at the bottom will be active only if you correctly completed all the fields required to place an order. Click the "Preview" button and review the order confirmation.  

The order confirmation allows you to check a summary of the Order before sending it for execution—the confirmation shows in his case that you are buying 85 Microsoft shares @236.11 Limit, Day Order.

If you are satisfied, press the transmit button.

Your Order is now live and working.

That is it. You have placed an Order to open a new equity position. The order number will appear, and you can navigate to various parts of the platform.