Roll Outs (Strike & Delta)

Roll Outs (Strike & Delta)

In a Roll-Out we increase the duration of the strategy. We manage several different types of Roll-Outs. The difference between them is the way we will open the new position.


The new position is established by placing a trade using the same delta as the original trading strategy for the next cycle.

Note: This option will take into account any entry conditions. For example, if IVR Filter is on, the new position will only be open if it meets the IVR criteria.

Next Trading Day

Will open a new trade with the initial setup (as above) but will wait until next trading day.


In this case, the new trade will NOT be established after closing the current trade. A new trade will be opened the same day that the closing position was set to expire. It follows the original schedule.


Same as "Immediately" but will disregard any entry condition filters. Roll-out is considered a defensive tactics.

Rollout Same Delta

Will open the new position using the same Deltas of the CLOSING strategy.

Rollout Same Strike

The Roll-Out to the same strikes establishes the new position by placing a trade using the same strikes of the closing strategy. The new trade is placed at a new expiration.